Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and Ben Bergquam Sound the Alarm for America’s Future From Northern Border

The Northern Border of the US is experiencing problems from lax immigration policies by the Biden administration under Democrat leadership- as exposed by Real America’s Voice Ben Bergquam in a recent discussion, where he gave the details of who is crossing into the United States: What No One Else is Paying Attention to Millions of … Read more

Biden’s Interference in Texas: Eagle Pass Faces Surge in Border Crossings and Gun Running

Joe Biden’s interference in Texas, specificially in Eagle Pass, is having a costly impact on the area, with increasing border crossings and criminal activity, leaving Texas to protect their state from violence and criminal activity. Recently US Customs in Eagle Pass announced the seizure of weapns and ammo in an “outbound enforcement action” which refers … Read more

ICE Arrests Guatemalan National Charged with Child Rape in Massachusetts

ICE, short for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is a U.S. federal agency under the Department of Homeland Security. It enforces immigration laws, handles border security, and combats illegal trade. ICE’s operations and methods have been the focus of leftist activist-driven controversy, leading to ongoing debates about immigration policy, with leftists pushing the idea that illegals … Read more

Amid Tribute to Fallen Officers, a Political Clash Highlights Callous Democrats

In the heart of Washington, D.C., where politics often takes center stage, a solemn tribute to fallen law enforcement officers became the backdrop for a stark reminder of the deep divides within American society. Ben Bergquam, a Real America’s Voice correspondent, visited the office of Republican Representative Troy Nehls, only to find himself embroiled in … Read more

Biden’s New Border Policy Faces Backlash as Illegal Crossings Surge

Texas Governor Greg Abbott asserts that the recent executive order aimed at addressing the border crisis is exacerbating illegal crossings. The White House announced this executive action to limit crossings once they surpass an average of 2,500 per day over a week. This measure will remain effective until the average daily encounters drop below 1,500 … Read more

New York City’s Sanctuary Policies Under Fire, Even Democrats Want Changes

New York City is destroyed by its adoption of Sanctuary City policies, and even Democrats want to do something about it, as they all reject Democrat Joe Biden’s open borders. Media reports on Sunday show that a bipartisan group of New York City Council members is advocating for the city to abandon its “sanctuary city” … Read more

Illegals Who Rioted in March-Have Been Dismissed and are Free to Roam

In a significant development in El Paso, Texas, over 200 cases involving illegals charged with rioting have been dismissed. The incident, which took place in March, saw a large group of illegals cross into the U.S. after a section of the border fencing opened up. El Paso District Attorney Bill Hicks confirmed that 214 cases … Read more