DOJ Belittled: Their Sweetheart, Hunter Biden, Indicted on 9 Felony Counts

Some people reading the breaking news tonight are not all that impressed with Hunter Biden being indicted on 9 counts of tax issues. However, the Republican-led Oversight Committee is making it sound like a feather in their cap. The news broke late on Thursday, and pundits weighed in with scoffing, mostly because it immediately appeared … Read more

Jones, in Interview, Predicts Iran’s Sleeper Cells Will Activate and Slams Globalist Domination

Alex Jones, the founder of InfoWars, who was instrumental in building the MAGA movement in 2015- 2016 to help President Donald J. Trump get an election, has been sued, censored, and destroyed over the massive movement alternative media platform he created. Jones appeared on X with Tucker Carlson in a pre-recorded interview on Thursday that … Read more

WHERE IS LIBERTY? Martyr Who Stood Up to State Surveillance Died Today in 1683, Kicked Off the American Revolution

What is going on in America is truly the exact same injustices that happened at the hands of the British upon the colonists on this land, which were considered to be tyrannical- consider this article we posted today- on the occasion of the memorial for an American Martyr who was killed with concerns- like this- … Read more

KASH PATEL: ‘The Decade-Long Revenge Campaign Against MAGA Goes On,’ Thanks to Speaker Johnson Funding 702s

All of the talk in the media is about how President Donald J. Trump is going to be a dictator and get revenge, however, revenge campaigns already happen, according to Steve Bannon and Kash Patel. Check this out: “If Trump wants to be such a dictator, if Kash Patel can be such a terrible CIA … Read more

SHOCK VIDEO: “I Love You Joe Biden!” Arizona Border has Collapsed, Reporter Shows Carnage

An independent journalist from Lukeville, AZ, has been reporting the breakdown of the US Southern Border for weeks. In his most recent broadcast, he shows a border that is on fire and in chaos, and videos live a group of military-aged men taunting him as records in the dark. Immigration and asylum seekers at the … Read more

‘Throw Off Your Chains, You are not going to be Supplicants!’ Bannon Demands [War Room Digest]

The cold open that kicked off the week highlighted President Trump’s Dec. 2 Cedar Rapids, Iowa speech and showed him saying, “this is your home, and American liberty is your God-given right,” Trump said in the clip and segued into the video of Eric Schmidt talking about AI and back to Trump talking about the … Read more


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