Bannon Unveils Week’s Agenda: Government Funding NGOs and Border Crisis, Shutdown in the Spotlight

During Monday’s War Room program, Steve Bannon outlined the week’s political focus for Capitol Hill, highlighting the media’s attention on government funding, with a pivotal showdown anticipated in the US House of Representatives on Friday over border security funding. Bannon was focused on the danger of NGOs, especially on Monday, telling his audience, “The NGOs … Read more

Ben Bergquam and Lou Dobbs: Championing Truth Amidst Chaos at the Border at CPAC

Ben Bergquam, a well-known conservative Christian correspondent, hosts “Law & Border” on RAV-TV News. His extensive experience includes working in state government and the private sector and engaging in political activism in California and America. As Bergquam told Lou Dobbs from CPAC last week, he is also recognized as “The Hat Guy” for his signature hats, which … Read more

In the Eye of the Storm: Peter Navarro’s Brutal Battle Against Political Lawfare

Peter Navarro had a quick chat with Ben Bergquam. He expressed the betrayal, the strain, and the stress he’s under due to the brutal legal maneuvers he’s facing from the Democrat administration of Joe Biden. Despite the pressure, Navarro engages in conversation with Bergquam, his eyes reflecting a mix of determination and weariness. During their … Read more

CPAC: Steve Bannon’s ‘War Room’ Anchored Event, Potentiated ‘America First’ Voices

Steve Bannon, a formidable force in the media realm, showcased his dominance from the National Harbor just outside Washington DC, asserting his influence in today’s interconnected world. His presence at CPAC, mainly through the War Room hosted by Real America’s Voice, was a constant anchor, engaging attendees throughout the event. Bannon’s journey at CPAC began … Read more

Rising Tide of Hostility: New Report Reveals Doubling of Attacks Against US Churches

FRC Publishes New Edition of Hostility Against Churches Report Indicating a Doubling of Attacks WASHINGTON, D.C. — Family Research Council (FRC) today released the newest edition of its Hostility Against Churches report, updated to include hostility incidents from calendar year 2023. The report’s findings suggest that the rise in hostility against U.S. churches that were identified in … Read more

Unveiling Michele Obama’s Run for POTUS at the DNC, and Her Terrible Relationship with the Black Community in Chicago

In August, political tensions will be reaching a crescendo in Chicago as the Democratic National Committee prepares to convene. A filmmaker’s assertion of an unexpected nominee poised to emerge from the party has sparked intrigue and speculation to an already tense situation. This trailer, from Joel Gilbert, is getting a lot of attention: [embedded content] … Read more

Refusing to Deliver: Working Class Standing with Trump are Growing More Furious Over Lawfare

As the 2024 election loomed closer on the American horizon, the nation was embroiled in a maelstrom of social, economic, and political turbulence. Beneath the surface, simmering discontent is brewing among blue-collar workers, who felt increasingly marginalized by an elite government seemingly out of touch with their struggles. President Donald J. Trump represents the working-class … Read more


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