Tuesday RNC News, Bergquam Reports on Shooting and Gathering of Americans [VIDEOS]

Ben Bergquam reported Tuesday afternoon from Milwaukee, Wisconsin from the Republican National Committee, clarifying that a shooting incident occurred approximately a mile away from the RNC security perimeter at King Park, near the intersection of 14th and Vliet Streets. In his report, Bergquam emphasized that the shooting was unrelated to the RNC Convention or any … Read more

Breaking! Judge Cannon Dismisses Case Against Trump- Jack Smith is Unlawful!

Julie Kelly, an investigative reporter who has closely followed the case classified documents case against President Donald Trump, updated her following to new filings in the case: Forbes is reporting: U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon formally dismissed the federal charges against former President Donald Trump for allegedly withholding White House documents on Monday, ruling Special … Read more

Monday AM at the RNC: Morning Joe Pulled from Media Coverage, Smacked by CNN

MSNBC decided to preempt its popular morning show, “Morning Joe,” on Monday to continue breaking news coverage of the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump. The network confirmed that “Morning Joe” will resume on Tuesday, choosing to avoid potential inappropriate comments from the show’s numerous guests amid the sensitive situation. This move happened as … Read more

Monday AM at the RNC: Bergquam Blasts People Who Don’t Love America

Ben Bergquam, a Real America’s Voice correspondent, sent a welcome message from the Fiserv Convention Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he is for the Republican National Committee. It is a place of great concern due to the attempted murder of President Trump just two days ago. Security has grown intense there, with the city on … Read more

Breaking: President Trump Survived Assassination Attempt at MAGA Rally

Everywhere, the American people are feeling the pressures as hints of escalating violence against President Trump and the America First movement surface. Today- it appears as if someone tried to kill Trump. The news surfaced that, indeed, one person was killed, and it is speculated that it was the shooter. With a blood-stained face, Trump … Read more

Breaking: Kari Lake Asks AZ Supreme Court to Look at New SLOG Evidence that Shows Election Irregularities

Kari Lake’s attorneys have submitted a petition to the Arizona Supreme Court, challenging the 2022 gubernatorial election results. They argue significant failures in Maricopa County’s vote center tabulators led to massive ballot rejections and alleges that required pre-election testing was not performed. Additionally, they claim the signature verification process for early ballots was inadequately conducted … Read more

NCGOP Chairman: State Board of Elections Must Certify Third Parties and Stop Protecting Joe Biden From Voters

In a recent press release, North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Jason Simmons has leveled serious accusations against the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE). Simmons charges the board with blatant partisanship, specifically aimed at preserving the political prospects of President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party in the upcoming General Election. “This board is … Read more