Geopolitical Tensions About to Explode in American Streets, Says one Expert, Starts with Venezuela Expansion

America is suffering from Global leadership as military movements in South America are raising concerns among the people who are watching events that appear to be an escalation of dominance against the United States. One expert, Mike Furey, Chief Executive Officer of American Manufacturing Group, gave an interview recently and highlighted his concerns about Venezuela’s move … Read more

Trump Proved Himself: ‘God’s perspective on current events in Black America’ All Because of a MAGA Hat

A supporter of President Donald J. Trump, who says he is ” an Ambassador of the kingdom of God” shared some good news with Real America’s Voice correspondent, Ben Bergquam, and addressed what he saw as the division in America, particularly in Little Rock Arkansas, and especially within the black community when it comes to … Read more

Hungry-Angry Illegal Invaders STILL Freely Going Through Closed Lukeville Port of Entry [Rainforth And Aguero Reports]

Independent media is leading the information to the American public about the brazen invasion of our Southern border. American patriots have been camping out in the area, lugging their equipment around alone and at their own expense to raise awareness of the danger our nation faces. The footage of the closed port of entry in … Read more

Surveillance State Here! While DC is ‘Falling in Love with the Siren Song of the CCP’ [War Room Digest]

Opening scenes of Thursday’s War Room program showed riots in New York City at a Tree lighting ceremony as Steve Bannon, host of the War Room, talked about the Sharia Supremists Global movement powered by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), who, along with other players like Iran, want to reestablish the Ottoman empire for purposes … Read more

“We are Americans,” Asking to Speak to Trump: Black Voter Support in Chicago Turns Away From Democrats Over Illegal Privilege

Republicans in Chicago have a chance to win some elections due to growing disillusionment with the Democrat party, according to a group of former Democrat activists who went to the mics to tell the Democrats that their time to win supporters is over. And the group knows they want to talk to President Donald J. … Read more

Over 23 Islamic Countries Have Invaded Southern Border- Why Trump Will Reinstate Travel Ban

Real America’s Voice correspondent Anthony Aguerro reported to Steve Bannon in the War Room on Friday about some scandalous footage he had captured from the embattled Lukeville, Arizona, port of entry on the US Southern Border.  The border there is in chaos, according to even corporate media reports, due to a massive influx of illegal … Read more


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