Who’s Trespassing? Illegals Prioritized by Ramada Inn and Other US Hotels [VIDEO]

Activist reporter Heather Mullins investigated a situation that was concerning to her and illustrate the general unease many people have with the idea of a massive influx of migrants coming into the country unvetted with unclear motives- that being that they are in danger and at the very least they are going to be marginalized … Read more

Mayorkas Impeachment Heating up Because Democrat’s Solutions to Problems Make Things Worse [VIDEO]

The idea of impeaching Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is gaining more steam among Republicans in purple districts as the chaos at the southern border continues to unfold. Several House GOP lawmakers in swing districts threw their support behind impeaching Mayorkas over the exacerbated border crisis that saw Title 42 expire last week. California … Read more

Voice of Truth from the Darkness Says to Clear a Path for President Trump

Ben Bergquam had an opportunity to talk to a supporter of Donald J. Trump who spent time before Trump even announced he was running for President to prepare his community for many of the America First policy agendas that Trump would later implement. Bergquam posted a recorded interview with James Tatum from Tennesse about his … Read more

Biggest Invasion In American History: More Marines Head to the Border

Newsmax correspondent Jaseon Jones interviewed a law enforcement officer in Texas about what he sees on the border, calling the situation “the largest invasion of America in History”, posting ” Pivotal moment in American history as the State of Texas repels an invasion caused by the U.S. government”: The Marine Times reported on Thursday afternoon … Read more

Hair Raising Eyewitness Video of Cartel Guides Leading Huge Group of Illegal Migrants in the Dark of Night

Ben Bergquam videotapped a large group of migrants from Egypt, Peru, Iran, Cloumbia, running in the dark of night past the southern border security wall in Yuma, Arizona showing that people do not expect the border to be closed. Shown in a Tweet are some of the IDs that Bergquam has found and recorded at … Read more

Exposé: Bergquam Surveys Crowds of Migrants About New Immigration Policy- Gets Truth Bombs, Jewish NGO Freaks Out

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice (RAV), has reported for years about the corruption from what he calls “leftist organization” that offer pivotal work in assisting the invasion of the United States by migrants worldwide. “This is Jewish Family Services, they are calling someone and telling these people not to talk to me. … Read more