Republican Governors Seem Hell-bent on Letting COVID Spread – Vanity Fair

The United States has entered a maddening new phase of the coronavirus pandemic. Armed with effective vaccines, the country could stay on the positive trajectory it was on for much of the spring and early summer. Instead, the mutated virus is surging across the nation, tearing through unvaccinated populations and forcing those who are vaccinated … Read more

US Judge Sanctions Lawyers Over ‘Fantastical’ 2020 Election Lawsuit

A federal judge sanctioned two lawyers on Aug. 4 who represented clients claiming Dominion Voting Systems and other parties interfered with the 2020 election through a coordinated effort. The case was thrown out in April due to a lack of standing. But defendants, including Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, filed motions for sanctions, arguing that the attorneys for […]

Democrats Would Lose House Majority If Midterms Were Held Today: Official

One of the top House Democrats issued a warning to other vulnerable Democrat representatives that they have to change course or the party risks losing its majority during the 2022 midterms, said a Democrat official. Tim Persico, executive director of the Maloney-chaired Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), confirmed to Politico on Tuesday that Rep. Sean Patrick […]