Newsom Threatens DeSantis With ‘Kidnapping’ Charges as 2nd Jet Full of Migrants Arrives in California

California governor Gavin Newsom (D.) suggested Florida governor Ron DeSantis (R.) should face kidnapping charges after DeSantis allegedly helped orchestrate a flight of migrants to the California capitol from the border, hours before a second flight arrived with more migrants. “@RonDeSantis you small, pathetic man,” Newsom tweeted. “This isn’t Martha’s Vineyard. Kidnapping charges?” .@RonDeSantis you small, pathetic … Read more

Journo Fight: Axios Founder Rages at NYT for Copying Smart Brevity® Format

Holy crap: Our nation’s esteemed journalists are fighting again. What happened: Roy Schwartz, cofounder of Axios Media Inc. and CEO of Axios HQ, threw a tantrum Sunday after the New York Times appeared to copy his company’s groundbreaking Smart Brevity® format. What they’re saying: “[Male judge with mustache and yellow skin emoji] It’s one thing to … Read more

FLASHBACK: San Francisco Giants Were ‘Deeply Embarrassed’ to Showcase Anti-Catholic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t the first California baseball team to face criticism for associating with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an anti-Catholic LGBTQ group, but when it last happened in 1995, things turned out a lot differently. The controversial group—which consists of cross-dressing “nuns” who combine drag with religious imagery—was one of many to … Read more