Veronique de Rugy: Corporations’ ‘woke’ signaling won’t override profit motive – TribLIVE

Many people on the Right fear “woke capitalism” and the idea that corporate executives will bend to pressure to advance a vision of the world that replaces their values with progressive ones. To those who are worried, I say, be grateful for the profit motive. To the progressives pushing for such practices, I say, be … Read more

Musk right to call ESG a scam – Washington Times

OPINION: Elon Musk took to Twitter this month to speak the truth: “ESG is a scam.” Attacks from left-wing “wacktivists” ensued, while Mr. Musk sat back and grabbed his popcorn, clearly relishing the outrage and “woke” backlash. But for every blue check criticizing Mr. Musk, there were just as many people cheering him on, applauding … Read more