Biden Unveils $7 Billion in Spending on Solar Energy to Mark Earth Day

‘This work has never been more urgent. Climate change is the existential crisis of our time; no one can deny its impacts and staggering costs anymore,’ he said.

President Joe Biden on April 22 announced $7 billion in grants for residential solar projects that will benefit nearly one million households in low-income and disadvantaged communities.

The president will unveil his plan while marking Earth Day during a visit to Triangle, Virginia.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has chosen 60 applicants to receive $7 billion in grant awards through the “Solar for All” program as part of the Inflation Reduction Act, according to the White House.

The 60 chosen applications include 49 state-level awards, six awards to tribes, and five multistate awards, according to the EPA.

President Biden will deliver a speech at Prince William Forest Park, which was created by Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps, a New Deal program.

President Biden has launched the American Climate Corps, an initiative modeled after FDR’s program, that aims to hire more than 20,000 young Americans to fight the impacts of the climate crisis, according to the White House.

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During his speech, President Biden will announce the opening of 2,000 job positions through the organization’s newly launched website.

Recently, the president also announced a series of conservation actions, including protecting more than 13 million acres in the western Arctic.

“Today’s historic actions to protect lands and waters in the western Arctic will ensure continued subsistence use by Alaska Native communities while conserving these special places for future generations,” John Podesta, senior advisor to the president for international climate policy, said in a statement on April 19.

“With these new announcements, the Biden-Harris administration has now protected more than 41 million acres of lands and waters across the country, leaving a huge mark on the history of American conservation.”

During his speech, President Biden is likely to highlight his administration’s climate initiatives.

“This work has never been more urgent. Climate change is the existential crisis of our time; no one can deny its impacts and staggering costs anymore,” President Biden said in a proclamation for Earth Day issued on April 19.

“Climate change is a global issue. Certainly, no one nation can tackle the climate crisis alone; we have to work together. On my first day in office, I immediately rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, reclaiming American leadership in this critical work.”

Earth Day was first observed nationwide on April 22, 1970. Sen. Gaylord Nelson, a Democrat from Wisconsin, introduced the idea to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Inspired by 1960s activism, particularly the anti-Vietnam War “teach-ins,” Mr. Nelson proposed the idea to mobilize public support for environmental protection and to push for policy action at the national level.

That same year, Republican President Richard M. Nixon signed an executive order in July founding the Environmental Protection Agency. Congress then approved the creation of the agency, which opened in December 1970.

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