Bono To Run For Congress In CAs CD-50

SAN DIEGO – Peter Bono, the GOP Candidate for CA 50th District is running for US Congress in order to bring common sense representation for the constituents in California’s 50th Congressional District.

Bono is a decorated, retired, US Navy Honorable Service, who served our country for 35 years. Bono is working with local veterans in assisting them to meet their financial and emotional needs, because Bono Cares first for our district.

He continues to assist our local veterans and their families, and recently our homeless citizens that are living on our streets in downtown San Diego, because of undocumented foreign nationals breaching our southern border daily.

San Diego is located only 12 miles from the southern border, thus it is very convenient for these undocumented foreign nationals, to pillage our local businesses, and cause at least 34 local businesses in downtown San Diego to close recently. The undocumented foreign nationals are now moving northward towards our northern district, causing more businesses to close.

Bono, who shares the same family ties to the Bono family who also served in Congress, is eager to represent constituents, workers, entrepreneurs, and all local family members that are in their present distress, caused by these undocumented foreign nationals.

According to his website, “Even though the district leans Democrat, the Failing Policies of the Federal Government, with the overall frustrations of our San Diegans provides me with the opportunity to offer a Solutions Based Alternatives that can earn a victory in the upcoming Primary and in the General Elections this year.” says Bono.

Bono’s desire to respond to these concerns, with the support of Republican, Democrat, and Independent voters can make our 50th district, like it was 8-10 years ago.

He is deeply concerned about our economy, it’s in the tank. Our Education and Safety for our children is critical to his campaign. Abortion Issues are paramount. “

For the past couple of months, Bono has been reaching out to voters in a systematic manner so that the residents of California’s 50th district.

For more information about Bono’s campaign, go to

To schedule an interview, you can contact the Bono For Congress campaign at 760-442-3076


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