Israel Is Under ‘Enormous Pressure’ From Biden Admin Not to Seek Further Retaliation Against Iran: John Bolton

‘It’s a difficult position to be in,’ Mr. Bolton said. ‘I think Iran was very, very lucky here.’

Former national security adviser John Bolton said Israel faced significant pressure from the Biden administration to refrain from further retaliation against Iran following Tehran’s recent attack.

In the early morning of April 19, Israel launched a retaliatory attack on Iran in response to Tehran’s firing over 300 missiles and drones into Israeli territory last week.

During an interview with the “Cats & Cosby” radio show on April 19, Mr. Bolton said Israel was in “a difficult position” under pressure from the White House.

“I think what Israel did, as far as it went, was fine,” Mr. Bolton said. “I think they were under enormous pressure, I mean, enormous pressure, from the Biden administration not to do more, and I can appreciate that. It’s a difficult position to be in.”

The retaliation attack from Israel hit near Iran’s major air base and nuclear facilities, but it caused no damage to the nuclear sites. Explosions were reported near the Iranian city of Isfahan, which plays an important role in Iran’s nuclear program, and air defenses were triggered across the country.

Iranian officials downplayed the attack and did not directly acknowledge the reports that Israel attacked. Iran’s Gen. Abdolrahim Mousavi said that “the explosion this morning in the sky of Isfahan was related to the shooting of air defense systems at a suspicious object that did not cause any damage,” according to the Associated Press.

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Mr. Bolton noted that the Israel war cabinet wanted to go further on the retaliation. He believed they should have taken more decisive action, stating that Iran was lucky to have avoided a harsher response.

He said Israel should have targeted some of Iran’s nuclear program, its oil infrastructure, Iranian naval vessels in the Red Sea, or Quds force bases.

Last week, on April 13, Iran launched explosive drones and shot missiles at Israel in what has been described as its first direct attack on the country. The Islamic regime has said that the attack was carried out after Israel bombed a Syrian compound in early April that left seven high-ranking members of its Revolutionary Guard Corps dead.

Israel said it successfully intercepted 99 percent of over 300 drones and missiles during the attacks with the help of the United States and other allies.

Despite helping Israel intercept the attack, the Biden administration said it would not participate in any retaliatory attack against Tehran as the White House wants to prevent further escalation that might cause a broader conflict in the region.

President Biden also warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he would not support retaliatory action against Iran during a phone call on April 13.

In the interview, the former national security adviser pointed out that the Biden administration put much pressure on Israel because the administration feared a wider conflict in the Middle East could drive global oil prices higher, resulting in higher gasoline prices in the United States. This, in turn, could “cause Biden political problems with the left wing of the Democratic Party.”

Right after Iran launched the attack against Israel last week, Mr. Bolton criticized the White House for its weakness when it advised Israel not to retaliate against Tehran. He also said Gulf Arab states view the United States as “weak and feckless” due to the Biden administration policies in the Middle East in response to the threat from Iran.
In an interview on CNN on April 14, Mr. Bolton called President Biden “an embarrassment” for advising Israel not to seek retaliation.

“If Joe Biden, as some press reports have it, is urging the Israelis not to retaliate at all, he is an embarrassment to the United States,” the former national security adviser said. “This is an American interest to make sure that Iran, which is the principal threat to international peace and security in the region, is at a minimum put in its place to spare Israel, to spare the Gulf Arabs, to spare us from the threat that they pose.”

T.J. Muscaro contributed to this report.

Original News Source Link – Epoch Times

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