‘Rogue’ FBI Conduct Sparks Protest at Federal Building in Detroit

 A small but vocal group of demonstrators gathered on June 3 outside the Detroit office of the FBI to demand the firing of Christopher Wray, the bureau’s director. “Wray must be fired, and the FBI must be decentralized and moved out of Washington DC,” said protest organizer and Trump supporter Brian Pannebecker. “As long as […]

Fake News Group Behind Deceptive TV Ad Funded By Dem Megadonor Reid Hoffman

Piedmont Rising faced scrutiny for campaign ads designed to look like news broadcasts The group behind one of the most controversial campaign ads of the 2020 cycle was funded by the liberal billionaire Reid Hoffman, according to tax forms. Hoffman, one of the Democratic Party’s largest donors, gave $500,000 in 2020 to an organization called … Read more