Randsdell Seeks Commissioner Seat in Guadalupe

Press Release

James Ransdell

Republican Candidate For Commissioner

Guadalupe County, Texas Commissioner Precinct 1

As a Republican candidate for Commissioner of Precinct 1, my candidacy stems from the need to fill the vacancy left by Greg Seidenberger. With over 40 years of marital bliss and raising seven children, and 40 years of hands-on civil engineering experience, including nearly a decade serving Guadalupe County in the Road and Bridge Department. My roles as a church Deacon, Texas Ramp Project team member, Food Bank distribution team member, and Seguin ISD School Health Advisory Council participant have honed my teamwork skills, showcasing a profound dedication to serving our community.

Aiming to address pressing issues, my primary focus lies in managing our rapid growth, necessitating improvements to our roadways. Harkening back to the historical designation of commissioners as “Road & Bridge Commissioner,” my 40 years of hands-on civil engineering experience, including almost a decade with the Guadalupe County Road and Bridge Department, uniquely positions me to tackle this challenge.

Planning for the future is imperative. Through a forward-thinking approach, we can anticipate and address the needs of generations to come by investing in strategic infrastructure projects. I am a visionary leader dedicated to preparing Precinct 1 for the future and ensuring that our infrastructure supports sustained growth.

 Aligned with the principles of the Texas Republican Preamble, I am a staunch advocate for God, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty. If elected, I will actively promote these principles, contributing to the strength and vibrancy of Precinct 1.

James Ransdell

For more information about James Ransdell’s campaign for Commissioner please visit : ransdellpct1.com

Phone 210 764 9953


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