‘Panic Mode’: Democrats and Never Trump Republicans Are Scared of Donald Trump

Never Trump Republicans and Democrats see polls showing Donald Trump running neck-and-neck with Joe Biden despite 91 criminal charges and a slew of civil actions. It has them in panic mode. The Real Clear Politics Average puts Trump up over Biden by over a point with 45.7% to 44.2%, respectively. The panic can be seen in … Read more

Donald Trump Already Won Tonight’s GOP Debate

Former President Donald Trump’s distant rivals for the Republican nomination are set to face off tonight. The former president opted to stay out of this debate just as he avoided the last one in August. Some observers remarked that Trump’s absence made the GOP debate look like a “kids’ table.” Trump plans to speak in Detroit while … Read more

Joe Biden Is a Confused Mess And It Can’t Be Hidden Anymore

Joe Biden Didn’t Confuse Ukraine for Iraq Once, But Twice – President Joe Biden hit the headlines back in June when he appeared on camera to confuse Ukraine for Iraq. It wasn’t a mere slip of the tongue, either. [embedded content] The president didn’t seem to realize he made the mistake and continued talking as … Read more

‘Gaffe Machine’: Biden Is Starting to Shock America with His ‘Mistakes’

Joe Biden Confused Iraq for Ukraine – But He Isn’t Alone: In late June, on two separate occasions in 24 hours, President Joe Biden mistakenly referred to Ukraine as “Iraq.” The first incident occurred at a fundraiser in Chevy Chase, Maryland, when the president said Iraq as he clearly meant Ukraine. “If anybody told you … Read more

His Company Is a ‘Fraud’: Donald Trump Just Received Some Horrible Legal News

Donald Trump is criticizing a judge’s fraud ruling against the Trump Organization for inflating their net worth (and committing fraud in the process). Trump called the judge a “highly politicized Democrat.” “It is a terrible reminder that the radical left Democrats will stop at nothing in trying to prevent me, and the American people, from winning the … Read more

Ron DeSantis Looks Lost And His Campaign Is Crashing Right Before Our Eyes

Once a promising candidate to lead the Republican Party to victory in 2024, Ron DeSantis seems to be losing steam on the campaign trail.  Ron DeSantis: No Longer Florida’s Favorite Even those who have been applauding the governor in Florida may be losing affection for their leader in the face of his wilting campaign.  According … Read more

Kamala Harris: Is Joe Biden Destined to Dump Her? Why It Could Happen

Kamala Harris, the woman we were told was going to eventually become the first female president in history, who was foisted on a recalcitrant Joe Biden because of a likely deal he had made out of desperation with Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) during the Democratic primaries, has proven to be a royal dud.  [embedded content] … Read more