Marquette Greene Scott Endorsed By updatem News in Texas CD-22

SUPER TUESDAY IN TEXAS – updatem News announces its Super Tuesday endorsement of Marquette Greene-Scott in the democratic primary in Texas’s 22nd Congressional district. Ms. Greene-Scott is the best candidate to represent Democrats in her Texas district, which is in the Houston area. We love her educational and business background as well as her understanding … Read more

‘This News Is Bad’: Donald Trump Is Now In Serious Trouble

Donald Trump Warned Of Jail Time After Violating Gag Order – Donald Trump has been fined $5,000 for violating a gag order in his New York civil fraud trial. The former president was fined by Judge Arthur Engoron in relation to an online post regarding court clerk Alison R. Greenfield. Posting a picture of the … Read more

MAGA’s Next Stupid Idea: Joe Biden Is Controlled by Barack Obama

Joe Biden’s Israel war response shows he’s not a puppet: A conspiracy theory spreading in recent weeks, sometimes endorsed by Donald Trump, claimed that Barack Obama was secretly in charge of the Biden Administration. Events last week have cut against that theory.  Joe Biden Is No One’s Puppet  Throughout this fall, one idea has begun … Read more

Donald Trump Is in Grave Legal Jeopardy

Trump is in Grave Legal Jeopardy in Georgia – Former President Donald Trump is not known for remaining silent. On any given day, the forty-fifth president is blustering on his social media site, Truth Social, about whatever tickles his fancy in the most controversial ways. The man is even incapable of avoiding self-incrimination when it comes … Read more

Donald Trump Is Facing His Worst Fear: He Could Get Stopped from Running for President

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team argued last week that U.S. District Court Judge Douglas Reyes has no legal authority to rule that the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution – specifically section three – would make Trump ineligible to be a nominee for president based on allegations about his activities around the Jan. … Read more

Joe Biden Is One of the Worst Presidents in American History

President Joe Biden is one of the worst presidents in American history. He is presiding over a turgid US economy that all but the wealthiest Americans are struggling to achieve any level of economic security in.  When he isn’t sleeping on vacation or licking ice cream cones, Biden spends most of his time dodging intense … Read more

There Is a Chance Donald Trump Could Get ‘Kicked Off the Ballot’

Donald Trump ballot lawsuit in Colorado is still alive: A lawsuit alleging that Donald Trump is not eligible to serve as president has survived more legal challenges, but it remains a long shot.  Donald Trump: Kicked Off the Ballot  Earlier this fall, a series of efforts to prevent Donald Trump from being included on 2024 … Read more


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