Trump buries hatchet with Club for Growth

The complex relationship between Trump and the Club for Growth dates back to the 2016 Republican primary, when the anti-tax group spent heavily to stop Trump from winning the nomination. But Trump and McIntosh, a former Indiana congress member, forged a relationship during his presidency that carried over to Trump’s post-White House years, when McIntosh emerged as an informal adviser.

Trump and McIntosh, however, split during the 2022 Ohio Senate primary, when Trump backed J.D. Vance and the Club for Growth endorsed a rival candidate, Josh Mandel. At one point during the race, Trump sent a vulgar text message, through his assistant, to McIntosh when it became apparent that the Club for Growth wasn’t standing down in its support for Mandel. Vance would go on to win the election.

Early the next year, McIntosh told reporters that Republicans should be open to another candidate besides Trump in the 2024 election. Shortly after, the Club for Growth did not extend an invitation to Trump to a donor retreat it was hosting, though it did invite other Republican presidential candidates.

After the Club for Growth launched its
anti-Trump afilitate
in July 2023, Trump blasted the group, calling it the “Club for No Growth.”

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