Zelenskyy Says Americans ‘Aren’t Funding War in Ukraine’ Following Aid Package Approval

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the United States is not funding the conflict, but is helping to ‘protect freedom and democracy’ in Europe.

The United States is “not funding the war in Ukraine,” but rather helping to “protect freedom and democracy” in Europe with its aid package, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Sunday.

Mr. Zelenskyy made the remarks during an interview with NBC News on April 21, just a day after the House of Representatives passed a long-awaited $61 billion aid package for Ukraine in a 311–112 vote.

When asked how long the United States is expected to fund the war in Ukraine, amid strong opposition to providing more aid, Mr. Zelenskyy said the United States is only providing arms to help Ukrainians in their fighting.

“The Americans are not funding the war in Ukraine. They foremost protect freedom and democracy all over Europe,” the Ukrainian president told the news outlet.

“Ukraine is fighting, and Ukraine is sending its best sons and daughters to the front line and this reduces the price for all Europe, for all NATO. It reduces the price for everyone, including the U.S. as the leaders in NATO.

“U.S. army now does not have to fight protecting NATO countries. Ukrainians are doing that. And it’s only the ammo that the civilized world is providing. And I think it’s a good decision,” he added.

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The House of Representatives passed a $95 billion package on Saturday that provides foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel, and other U.S. allies. The measure was passed 311-112 despite vehement opposition from certain Republicans. The bill now heads to the Democrat-controlled Senate where it is expected to pass easily.

Ukraine ‘Will Not Be The Second Afghanistan’

Mr. Zelenskyy said the aid will not only strengthen Ukrainian armed forces but also send “a powerful signal” to the Russian government that Ukraine “will not be the second Afghanistan.”

“This is the show of leadership and strength of the United States. And I think, indeed, now we’ve reached this important moment,” Mr. Zelenskyy said, adding that he believes the United States “will stay with Ukraine.”

“For half a year we’ve been waiting and I would like to say thanks to all the team on my side and on the U.S. side, the team who did everything so that we would get this positive vote,” he added.

Mr. Zelenskyy emphasized the importance of the U.S. aid to his country, saying that it will enable Ukraine to get “some tangible assistance for the soldiers on the front line as soon as possible.”

“We will have a chance for victory if Ukraine really gets the weapon system which we need so much,” he said, adding that it “has to end up in tangible weapon systems.”

“Some really crucial weapon systems which are hard to get. The long-range artillery and I really appreciate that it mentions ATACMs, long-range weapons. And it’s important because we need long-range weapons to not lose people on the front line,” he added.

The Ukraine bill would give $60.84 billion to Ukraine, which has come under attack by Russia since February 2022. The bill would allocate $23.2 billion to renew defense articles and services provided to Ukraine, and $13.8 billion in assistance for Kyiv to purchase U.S. weapons, defense articles, and services.

President Joe Biden has expressed support for the package and urged the Senate to swiftly send it to his desk.

Many Republicans slammed the passage of the bill. Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-Wyo.) pointed out that it was wrong for the United States to secure other nations’ borders while the country was facing an illegal immigration crisis on its border with Mexico.

“We’re sending $300 million for the state border guard services of Ukraine … yet won’t spend the same kind of money here to secure our own border,” she said.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) said after the April 19 vote that although it wasn’t “perfect legislation,” it was the “best possible product” that Republicans could get given their thin majority in the House.

Jackson Richman, Joseph Lord, and Naveen Athrappully contributed to this report.

Original News Source Link – Epoch Times

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