Lager fans blast new Heineken tipple aimed at ‘lighter drinking’ Gen-Z Brits… – The Sun

HEINEKEN’S new woke lager aimed at “lightweight” millennial drinkers has been slammed by customers who want a return to tradition. 

The Dutch lager giant has launched a new 4% alcohol by volume (ABV) tipple designed to suit “lighter drinking” Generation-Z Brits.

Heineken's new woke lager aimed at 'lightweight' millennial drinkers has been slammed by customers


Heineken’s new woke lager aimed at ‘lightweight’ millennial drinkers has been slammed by customersCredit: Alamy

Brewers say Heineken Silver uses an “ice-cold brewing process” to create a significantly “less bitter taste” than the brand’s core 5%ABV lager.

But it has been panned by fans who say it is “woke madness” and are urging the company to rethink.

Thomas Simpson, 44, of Bexley, south east London, said: “Why can’t things be left alone?

“I fear this is the future of beer now, woke options aimed at Generation Z rather than traditional beer lovers who have been drinking it for years.”

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Plumber Paul Rogers, 33, of Allestree, Derby, said: “This is just woke madness. Beer should be traditional.”

It comes as Heineken is preparing to cut beer production at its European manufacturing planet if faced with a severe gas shortage over winter.

Heineken strategy director Alexander Wilson, said the new drink was designed to attract younger millennial drinkers to the brand.

He said: “Underindexing with 18 to 34-year-olds – that’s a historic trend.

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“It is important for the long-term health of the category to being younger consumers through.”

One punter writing in Beer Advocate, wrote: “This beer is very bad. It may well be the least flavoursome beer I’ve ever had.

“The beer is light in body with medium carbonation, incredibly dull, not offensive in taste, but not good.”

While another customer on the Tesco website one customer labelled the brew, “nothing to shout about and overpriced”.

The disappointed drinker, wrote: “Certainly less bitter than standard Heineken, but lower alcohol level should mean it’s lower priced than standard Heineken but it is priced the same. 

“Try BudVar if you want a properly lagered lager with taste.”

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The supermarket is selling four 330ml bottles of Heineken Silver for £4.50.

In June, The Sun revealed fans of Stella Artois were rejoicing after its latest beer returned to tradition by being five per cent in strength.

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