Disney Likely Won’t Change Course on Woke Ideology, Employees Say – The Epoch Times

Some commenters have concluded that a town hall by Disney CEO Bob Iger shows the company has rejected left-wing LGBT politics, but Disney employees disagree. In the town hall, Iger, who returned to run the media empire, told employees he didn’t like the company being “embroiled in controversy.” He answered several employee-submitted questions about Disney’s … Read more

Don’t let ‘3%’ of employees turn company woke, Harvard professor urges CEOs – The College Fix

‘3% of your employees are activists instead of working,’ Arthur Brooks said recently About three percent of employees at big corporations are pushing the company to take liberal positions on cultural issues, but CEOs should not let them dictate policy, according to a Harvard University business professor. Professor Arthur Brooks, formerly the president of the … Read more

BlackRock gets a much-needed face slap – Insurance News Net

Washington Times, The (DC) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rocked recent headlines with an announced intent to pull $2 billion worth of state employee investments with BlackRock over the firm’s Environment, Social and Governance, or ESG, standards. The woke firm run by woke CEO Larry Fink is finally facing some much-needed fire. As Sen. Ted Cruz … Read more

Corporate abortion policies anti-family and anti-women. They need to be investigated – FOX Bangor/ABC 7 News and Stories

Monday, December 5, 2022 6:00 Woke corporate America may pretend they are all about “social justice” and various progressive causes. But don’t be fooled: at the end of the day, none of it is about social justice. It’s about their bottom line. This is clearer than ever now that the Supreme Court has overruled Roe … Read more

Things We Saw Today: Ron DeSantis’s Lawyers Forced To Admit They Know the Definition of Woke – The Mary Sue

Well well well. The Andrew Warren suspension trial is in full swing down in Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis’s legal team is in hot water. The trial, which is challenging the lawfulness of DeSantis suspending Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren, presented Warren’s legal team with the opportunity to force DeSantis’s team to define the … Read more

Florida Might Be Giving Up Its Fight Against ‘Woke’ Disney – Reason

Less than eight months after Gov. Ron DeSantis launched a public feud with Disney, Florida’s state government is reportedly backing down from its confrontation with the House of Mouse. State lawmakers are preparing to reverse legislation passed in April that would have stripped Disney of its special tax status and its authority to operate a … Read more

Recapping Bob Chapek’s Time As CEO Of The Walt Disney Company, And What Went Wrong – Cartoon Brew

Given the incredible news that Bob Iger has returned as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, replacing outgoing boss bob Chapek, we decided to put together a timeline of Chapek’s rocky time in charge, highlighting some of the circumstances that led to his exit from the company. Some Notes on the Timeline It’s not easy … Read more