Sanctuary Cities Are Nothing Short of a Woke Nightmare Created by the Left

I am glad to see that most of the GOP presidential primary challengers are talking about the need to end and outlaw sanctuary polices in the United States. I wish they would go a step further and explain why sanctuary policies are bad for public safety, officer safety, and border security. The American people need to understand the … Read more

How Discriminatory DEI Ideology Replicates Itself in the Federal Bureaucracy

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve heard the acronym “DEI.” You may also know that it stands for “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” What you may not know is that those words are as accurate as the word “Democratic” in the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” (today’s North Korea) or the “German Democratic Republic” (the former … Read more

‘Woke’ Lost: Rhode Island Town Defies Mob, Erects Christopher Columbus Statue

If we really want to make America great again, we need to elevate what is good and noble about us and defy those who insist on tearing down our past. On Monday, designated as Columbus Day, the town of Johnston, Rhode Island, unveiled a statue of Christopher Columbus in a local park. A few protesters turned up, … Read more

Disney’s Un-Midas Touch Ruins ‘Star Wars,’ Marvel, Even Disney Itself

What happened to Disney? My former college professor Victor Davis Hanson often refers to the Left’s “un-Midas touch,” a magical curse by which everything it touches turns to dross. Growing up in the 1990s and 2000s, I didn’t realize how good I had it until Disney decided to ruin my childhood. I grew up watching three amazing mega-franchises: … Read more


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