Biden’s Border EO Sparks Fury and Accusations of “Amnesty”

President Biden’s  Border EO fact sheet outlines new executive actions to allegedly secure the Southern border, focusing on barring migrants who cross unlawfully from receiving asylum, his team claims. This initiative comes in response to Congressional Republicans blocking bipartisan immigration reforms. Biden’s administration has deployed unprecedented numbers of agents, seized record levels of fentanyl, and worked on international migration frameworks.  On Tuesday, Biden made remarks to the press about his actions, quickly critiqued by many people as deceitful and dangerous.



“IT’S AN AMNESTY AND MASS MIGRATION ORDER THAT CEMENTS THE INVASION. Illegals get a phone app for fast-pass entry, get escorted to the ports for admission, get paroled into the country with work permits and deportation immunity,” Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor and founder of America First Legal, said, reminding people that if any of that happened during the Obama years- even- the media would have been alarmed.

But not today.  Today, the media is pretending that Biden’s EO is normal.

Miller led a media call for the Trump campaign ahead of Biden’s scheduled Tuesday press conference, “None of the people coming here will be deported under this EO.  None. This is a pro-invasion Executive Order written and shaped by Biden’s aides, and it is a con.  Biden is a criminal and a monster. His top goal from day one has been to funnel as many people into the country as possible, which is obviously for the election. They want to get the people in through the parole authority, get them to the CBP AP,  get them work permits, which is why the Senate Bill is worded the way it is,” Miller told the media, adding:

“So Biden wants 1,500 people to be able to come in through the phone app and then another 1,000 who are flown in on flights. He imports a small city every day.”

As he spoke, Miller’s rising concern for the American people and frustration at the loss of American civil liberties and the increasing violent crimes was undeniable.

Stephen Miller detailed the problems with Biden’s EO, saying, “This border EO makes mass migration permanent: 1. Exempts child trafficking to ensure trafficked children are delivered to their US destinations 2. Funnels all surplus traffic to the ports via a phone app for automatic entry + deportation amnesty 3. Leaves all 15M new illegals here.”

A senior campaign advisor, Jason Miller, reminded the media that Biden wanted this invasion and said so during his campaign.  “Who doesn’t remember the surge at the border of people with “We love Joe” t-shirts?  Biden, who wants a cap of 2,500 entries daily, will contradict even his boss, Obama, who said that 1,000 entries a day would overwhelm the system,” Miller said.

After 34 years working on this issue and 6 presidents, Tom Hohman, a former ICE director, was openly frustrated and told the media, “I know that we handed Joe Biden the safest job at that time, and he intentionally made our work a joke. He undid everything. Biden deliberately created this problem and the crimes committed against the American people because he let in criminals and gave them permanent amnesty on his watch. Not even Obama allowed this disaster to happen.”


The Trump team was not alone in their opinion of Biden’s EO. The House Homeland GOP Committee summed  up their findings in a chart:

“One fact the Biden administration doesn’t want to admit about the unserious EO it is releasing today is that it won’t do anything to reduce inadmissible encounters at ports of entry—which have exploded under this administration. Look at the trend from April 2021 to April 2024…”


Bill Melugin reported that President Biden’s executive order cannot be characterized as “shutting down” the border. Melugin said that while it bans asylum for some illegal crossers, with exceptions, it does not impact the release of up to 1,500 migrants per day via the CBP One app or the entry of up to 30,000 migrants monthly under Biden’s parole program for specific nationalities.

Unaccompanied minors are exempt, raising concerns about child trafficking, and migrants can still claim fear to avoid deportation. Despite an existing ban on asylum for most illegal crossers since the end of Title 42, migrant numbers remain at record highs. The order might expedite removals to certain countries but lacks a clear strategy for dealing with non-cooperative nations.


“Biden kicks off his fake border security press conference by immediately blaming others. REMINDER: Biden took 94 executive actions in his first 100 days to DISMANTLE border security — then sat and watched 15 million illegals flow in,” the RNC posted, highlighting footage of Biden at the podium announcing his most recent EO.

Biden kicks off his fake border security press conference by immediately blaming others. REMINDER: Biden took 94 executive actions in his first 100 days to DISMANTLE border security — then sat and watched 15 million illegals flow in. — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) June 4, 2024


Reaction in general was that Biden was not being honest about the purpose of his latest EO.

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