Biden’s New Border Policy Faces Backlash as Illegal Crossings Surge

Texas Governor Greg Abbott asserts that the recent executive order aimed at addressing the border crisis is exacerbating illegal crossings.

The White House announced this executive action to limit crossings once they surpass an average of 2,500 per day over a week. This measure will remain effective until the average daily encounters drop below 1,500 for seven consecutive days. Abbott told Fox News that without adequate enforcement and measures to block illegal crossings, the new policy will encourage more illegal entries.

He criticized the administration on “Sunday Morning Futures,” stating that the policy is accelerating rather than slowing down illegal border crossings, and accused President Biden of misleading the public about its effectiveness in securing the border.


Biden issued the directive last week to close the border between legal ports of entry and turn away all asylum seekers when the average number of illegal border crossings hit 2,500 a day.

According to numerous news sources, this threshold has- already been significantly surpassed, with nearly 4,000 daily migrant encounters reported last month. The new Executive Order policy is facing criticism from both Republicans and progressives.

Republicans argue that Biden acted too late and that the policy is insufficiently strict. At the same time, progressives contend that it excessively restricts asylum, showing the country’s divide between the two groups.

NewsNation reported capturing real-time events at the border on Sunday, saying that recently, over 100 people were seen crossing illegally in New Mexico. Jorge Ventura reported live from Jacumba Hot Springs, a remote area near San Diego, saying the region is marked by its lack of resources, and they are seeing migrants from diverse countries, including China, India, Turkey, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Vietnam still.

Illegals often pay fees to criminal smugglers, and cartels heavily control the area, News Nation reported, adding that “many migrants wait for days before being apprehended due to the limited resources available to Border Patrol agents.”

Biden claims that his aim is to tighten asylum criteria saying that people must demonstrate credible fear of persecution or meet specific criteria, such as having unaccompanied children, medical conditions, or being victims of human trafficking, to qualify for asylum.

Those who do not meet these conditions- allegedly face removal, detention, or deportation.

However, Ventura noted that the new rules do not seem to significantly impact the San Diego sector, as large groups of migrants continue to cross.

Mexican officials are issuing humanitarian visas to many migrants, facilitating their travel across Mexico and into the U.S. illegally. According to News Nation, this has further stretched the resources of Border Patrol agents in Jacumba Hot Springs, California, who are struggling to manage the influx.

The Biden administration’s recent border policy responds to the high number of illegal crossings but has sparked controversy and faces implementation challenges. The situation at the border remains complex, with diverse groups of illegals, criminal activity, and stretched resources contributing to the ongoing difficulties faced by Border Patrol agents.

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