New Law and Border: Gripping Real America’s Voice Exclusive Footage will Shock Viewers

The next episode of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice will air on Real America’s Voice ap on Saturday, April 15 at 8 PM Eastern. The show will have exclusive and gripping stories about the invasion of economic migrants entering the United States. The show also explores the origins of the massive human migrations … Read more

Huge Kari Lake Billboard In Phoenix: Patriot Gives Himself a Unique Birthday Present

A Patriot named Scott Olsen, who loves Arizona and the United States of America, gave himself a giant huge, 60-foot high and 20-foot wide billboard as a gift on Monday to tell the world about his passion for encouraging and lifting Kari Lake, who is a significant person to him. Lake’s special supporter told Frontline … Read more

Moms For Liberty Denounce Action To Label Members As “Extremists”

Grassroots activists have been the target of an out-of-control federal weaponized government that has been hunting “MAGA” conservatives, America First proponents, and people in the ‘Parents Rights’ movement. The group released the following statement on Wednesday:  Moms for Liberty Co-Founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich released the following statement today warning of a targeted effort … Read more

Maricopa Co. Pays Gateway Pundit $175,000 for Denial of Press Access to Election Coverage

Corrupt Maricopa County blocked a Gateway Pundit writer from attending on-site election news conferences, a federal appeals court said on Tuesday, giving a victory to independent media. Hopefully, this will set a precedent for other reporters who want to serve the public with real news. During their coverage of the 2022 midterm elections, which was highly … Read more

President Trump Sues Lying Michael Cohen for $500 Million Dollars in Florida Court

President Donald Trump is suing Michael Cohen for $500 million in damages for allegedly breaching his contract as Trump’s former personal attorney. The lawsuit, filed in a Florida federal court on Wednesday, accuses Cohen of spreading false information about Trump and breaching his contractual obligations to the former president in Cohen’s public statements, published books, podcast series … Read more

[VIDEO] Affirming LGBTQ+ Comes From Common Core-Competencies, DEI, and Transforms American Superpower into Paralysis 

It is not a mystery how America, a superpower, has fallen into Hell with our children being obsessed with their confusing and emerging sexuality. The tactics to convince our children that they are homosexuals and transgenders are right in our faces, often crippling them, causing them massive mental health crises, and destroying the safety nets … Read more

REBELLION! Americans Refuse to Submit to Anheuser-Busch’s Woke Marketing of Transgender Sexual Fetish

Videos are everywhere, going viral with people who do not usually care to think about or talk about politics and that is because the radical left has pushed the boundaries of our civil society to push something most people do not want to hear about anymore-Transgenderism. The whole transgender sexual fetish being shoved down our … Read more