“Migration is Destroying our Biodiversity!” Top Environmentalist in World Decries Biden’s Massive Immigration Schemes

A Democrat Environmentalist, educated in American Ivy League schools, who formally served as the Mayor of Panama City Panama, chimed in, in response to a recent video showing condoms strewed on the ground depicting the massive increase in human trafficking as a result of the Biden administration’s drive to push migrants from South and Central … Read more

GRAPHIC! ‘Dead Bodies Litter Darien Gap”, Condoms Everywhere, Law and Border Episode Rebroadcast Sunday-US Trail of Tears

The footage that host of Law and Border, Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice, and his associate Michael Yon have gotten involving the people most impacted by the UN-US-driven migration of economic migrants is very graphic, disturbing, and unsettling. Please be forewarned. The amount of death, crimes, and human suffering that Real America’s Voice team … Read more

Riotous Responses to Bud Light Post Will Make You Spit out Your Beer

How a minority of people working at a granular level with a clear and focused goal of perverting Americans’ morals, integrity, and sense of justice have forced our national sense of tolerance into prejudicial actions against normality -should be something every American begins to understand. This usurpation of our brave and robust culture into glorifying … Read more

New Law and Border: Gripping Real America’s Voice Exclusive Footage will Shock Viewers

The next episode of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice will air on Real America’s Voice ap on Saturday, April 15 at 8 PM Eastern. The show will have exclusive and gripping stories about the invasion of economic migrants entering the United States. The show also explores the origins of the massive human migrations … Read more

Huge Kari Lake Billboard In Phoenix: Patriot Gives Himself a Unique Birthday Present

A Patriot named Scott Olsen, who loves Arizona and the United States of America, gave himself a giant huge, 60-foot high and 20-foot wide billboard as a gift on Monday to tell the world about his passion for encouraging and lifting Kari Lake, who is a significant person to him. Lake’s special supporter told Frontline … Read more

Moms For Liberty Denounce Action To Label Members As “Extremists”

Grassroots activists have been the target of an out-of-control federal weaponized government that has been hunting “MAGA” conservatives, America First proponents, and people in the ‘Parents Rights’ movement. The group released the following statement on Wednesday:  Moms for Liberty Co-Founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich released the following statement today warning of a targeted effort … Read more

Maricopa Co. Pays Gateway Pundit $175,000 for Denial of Press Access to Election Coverage

Corrupt Maricopa County blocked a Gateway Pundit writer from attending on-site election news conferences, a federal appeals court said on Tuesday, giving a victory to independent media. Hopefully, this will set a precedent for other reporters who want to serve the public with real news. During their coverage of the 2022 midterm elections, which was highly … Read more


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