Columbia-Yale Mobs: As Jewish Holidays Begin in USA, Jewish Students Told to Flee to Their Homes for Safety

Columbia University is facing heightened tensions and safety concerns due to ongoing protests related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As a result, all classes will be conducted virtually on Monday as Passover begins.

Sunday night saw scary mobs of students making threats against Jewish students:

Columbia President Minouche Shafik made this decision to de-escalate the situation and allow for consideration of the next steps. The move came after billionaire Robert Kraft criticized the university and suggested withholding donations until corrective actions were taken.

One professor demonstrated that his facility card had been disabled, claiming that was done due to his support of Israel:

The campus has seen a significant increase in protests, with pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel groups both demonstrating.

One Republican called for the expulsion of students, as others called for swift action from political leaders to use their authority to protect vulnerable students:

Similar tensions have led to arrests during protests at Yale University. The situation at Columbia has been described as a major test for President Shafik, who has faced calls for her resignation and criticism.

Rabbi Elie Buechler has advised Jewish students at Columbia to return home for safety reasons. Some have supported this recommendation but opposed others, including the campus Hillel. Columbia student groups have expressed concerns over safety and the university’s handling of the situation.

This crisis is seen as a significant challenge for President Shafik, who has been in her role for less than a year, and for the university’s administration, which has been criticized for its response to antisemitism on campus.

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