ISIS Present: “We all Need Trump Back,” First-Hand Examples of Illegal Invasion Hell of Europe

The conversation between investigative reporter Ben Bergquam and Enzo Alias, an individual knowledgeable about the situation in Greece, concerns illegal immigration and its impact on Europe.

Alias talks to Bergquam about the presence of a small group of men from ISIS, he says around 100, who are terrorizing a migrant camp, injuring people and threatening people. The men, he says, were imported into Europe instead of being deported from the region.

His solution to the problem is to get President Donald J. Trump back in office.

In the conversation, Berguam and Alias focus on a specific migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, where migrants from various countries, including those from Africa and the Middle East, are held. The camp is overcrowded, with approximately 50,000 migrants, and is divided into sections based on the migrants’ origins, including a section with about 100 people from the Islamic State (ISIS). The presence of ISIS members has led to a dangerous environment within the camp, with reports of ISIS members terrorizing other migrants and forcing some to convert to Islam, according to Alias.

He and Bergquam also highlight the lack of action by Greek authorities in addressing the situation, as migrants are not being sent back. Still, instead of being allowed to enter Europe, Alias told Bergquam.

This situation is compared to the situation in the United States, where similar issues with illegal immigration and the presence of dangerous individuals are being discussed.

Enzo shares details about the migrants’ preferences for their destination countries, with some expressing a desire to avoid France due to the presence of the LGBTQ community there. He also mentions the exploitation of migrants by certain groups, using them as a means to obtain money or influence.

The conversation included a discussion of the importance of the upcoming U.S. elections and the potential impact of President Trump’s victory. They expressed hope that Trump’s leadership could help address the issues of illegal immigration and election integrity, not just in the United States but also in Europe.

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