Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and Ben Bergquam Sound the Alarm for America’s Future From Northern Border

The Northern Border of the US is experiencing problems from lax immigration policies by the Biden administration under Democrat leadership- as exposed by Real America’s Voice Ben Bergquam in a recent discussion, where he gave the details of who is crossing into the United States:

Maine’s Frederick County Sheriff Chuck, during one of Bergquam’s stops, delivered an urgent message about the danger facing America today from his point of view on border issues, framing the upcoming election of President Donald Trump as pivotal for the nation’s survival.

Bergquam met Jenkins while he and his family were touring the northern part of the United States. They stopped to highlight a friendly little maple syrup hut on a country road in Maine and took a few minutes to highlight something good before talking about something bad.



Sheriff Jenkins during that discussion with Bergquam. emphasized the gravity of the situation, describing it as possibly the most important election in American history. Many who believe the country’s foundational values are under threat share this sentiment. His plea for Americans to recognize this moment as decisive reflects a deep concern for the country’s future trajectory.

Jenkins and Bergquam are dedicated to defending what they see as fundamental American principles. Jenkins particularly highlighted the relentless challenges faced by law enforcement and the America First movement.

Bergquam discussed leaders like Trump and Steve Bannon, who have been targets of political and legal attacks. Bergquam and Jenkins agreed and reinforced the idea that those who stand for American values are under concerted attack from forces seeking to reshape the nation’s direction.

Their call to action- to get out and vote for Trump- was not just a plea for political support but a moral and existential appeal to Americans to stand firm against a growing threat to traditional American ideals.

Border issues are being felt all around the nation, and Bergquam will cover many of them during a tour of the northern border.


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