THREATS! Admitted Communists At Pace University in NYC

Ben Bergquam’s Commentary on Communist Ideology and Organizing Tactics: A Report from Pace University in New York City

In a live report from Pace University in New York City, Ben Bergquam offered a critical commentary on the underpinnings of Communist ideology and organizing tactics. He highlighted the apparent support for Palestinian protests, labeling them as “stupid” and their participants as “brain dead,” as he watched a group of protestors chanting that they wanted to “Free Palestine”.

Bergquam criticized the protesters for caring more about terrorists in foreign countries than about what is happening in their own homes in America, suggesting that they were supporting terrorists over their nation.

Bergquam also drew attention to the presence of chanting for Antifa and their advocacy for a communist revolution.

One participant told Bergquam, referring to the group of protestors, that the ‘Communist Revolution will run you over.” [1:20 mark]

He expressed disdain for their actions, including covering their faces and seeing women submitting to jihadist ideologies, urging parents to raise their children better and not to support such movements.

During the event, Bergquam attempted to find common ground with the protesters, asking if they could agree that “Hamas sucks.”

However, this effort did not seem to succeed even though they all agreed that Democrat Je Biden has to go. He concluded his commentary by urging people to refrain from sending their children to liberal universities and to raise them with better values, expressing concern for the future of America.


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