Trump Vows Appeal Amid Accusations of Political Persecution Following Conviction on Felony Charges

On Friday, May 31, President Donald Trump addressed reporters following his conviction on 34 felony charges related to hush money payments. Trump announced that his legal team would appeal the conviction, vehemently accusing President Joe Biden and his supporters of orchestrating a politically motivated campaign against him. Trump portrayed the trial as unjust, claiming that it was part of a broader effort by his political adversaries to undermine his presidential campaign.

Andrew Guiliani reported live from Trump Tower:

In his remarks, Trump denounced the legal proceedings as a “rigged trial,” criticizing the judge and the handling of his defense. He argued that the judge was highly conflicted and unfair, imposing a gag order on him—a measure unprecedented for a presidential candidate. Trump emphasized the constraints this order placed on his ability to communicate and defend himself publicly.

Trump painted a dire picture of the current state of the country under President Biden’s administration, alleging that the U.S. is being overrun by criminals and mentally ill individuals crossing the borders. He accused Biden and his administration of fostering policies that are detrimental to American citizens, such as raising taxes and imposing restrictive mandates on car ownership, which Trump argued would benefit China.

Despite the conviction, Trump highlighted the strong support he continues to receive from his base. He reported that his campaign raised $35 million in the 10 hours following the conviction, indicating that his legal troubles might be galvanizing his supporters rather than deterring them. He also referenced a recent poll showing an increase in his popularity post-verdict.

Trump condemned the legal system, suggesting that the trial’s outcome was influenced by political biases rather than legal merit. He asserted that his business records were correctly managed, disputing the charges of falsifying business records. He insisted that the payments in question were legitimate legal expenses and not indicative of any criminal activity.

Furthermore, Trump expressed his frustration with the judicial process, claiming that his defense team was not allowed to present key witnesses and evidence. He described the prosecution’s approach as overreaching and unjust, aimed at silencing him and hindering his political ambitions.

Trump’s statements underscored his belief that the charges against him were a direct result of his decision to run for president again. He portrayed himself as a victim of a concerted effort by his political enemies to derail his campaign. In conclusion, Trump framed his legal battles as a fight for the integrity of the Constitution and vowed to continue his campaign despite the challenges, asserting that the American people see through what he called a “scam.”

Crowds built around the area in support of Trump:

Ben Bergquam was on the scene live and recorded the media inside:

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