Exclusive Live VIDEO: AZ Explodes with Migrants as Media and Democrats Create Photo Ops in TX

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice (RAV) and host of RAV Law and Border, made his way to Yuma AZ after investigating the build-up of migrants in camps in Mexico waiting for permission to cross over the border, and showing that, according to his border patrol source, there was a secret process in place to move migrants from areas- and ports of entry- that were not being covered by the media, as the media was purposefully staged to report on areas where there was a controlled law enforcement presence.

Bergquam recorded two large groups of migrants moving through borders in AZ, as he described what he saw as the death of our country:

The corporate media and their allies are trying to discredit Bergquam and others. Still, it is hard to discredit live reporting like Bergquam’s, which he posted again in the early morning hours of Monday, live from AZ with large numbers of people from Peru, Egypt, India, Ghana, and other third-world nations, showing illegal migrants in the middle of the night getting passed through the border :

“Border Control is letting these people invade our country”, Bergquam said as some madman yelled in a foreign language, showing many men from Egypt, Peru, Dominican Republic, Ghana, and Senegal- most of them Arabic speaking with no English skills.

The tactic of getting media to cover specific areas is being supported and perpetuated by a social media campaign to discredit the live reporting of Bergquam and others:

Here is the live reporting from Bergquam and Real America’s Voice about the optics in Mexico and Texas.

More live reporting from Bergquam in Texas show what the media is hiding.

More live reporting.

There is an obviously coordinated campaign to discredit any independent media that shows anything other than what the corporate media was showing the American people- lulling them into a false sense of security.

Only live reporting like Ben Bergquam’s for Real America’s Voice is going to show the migration between midnight and 4 AM, when the media is not watching.

Bergquam shows that illegal migrants are being served like royalty in the desert while the media tells people none of this is happening.

“The have snacks and a way of tagging their bags, which is better treatment than we get at airports. There are granola bars and water here for them,” Bergquam said.


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