UN GONE Mad! Removes Israel Ambassador For Protesting ‘Butcher of Tehran’

United Nations security personnel on Tuesday detained Israel’s ambassador to the U.N. shortly after he left the General Assembly Hall to protest a speech by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. It was not clear why he was being detained, though he was later released.

“New moral stain for the UN

When President Raisi of Iran, the “Butcher of Tehran,” began his speech, I waved a picture of Mahsa Amini, the innocent Iranian woman who was brutally murdered by the regime one year ago for not wearing a hijab “properly.” Meanwhile, outside the UN, hundreds of Iranians were protesting, begging for help from the international community. I will never stop fighting for the truth and I will always expose the UN’s moral distortions. Those who roll out the red carpet for murderers and antisemites must be held accountable for their actions!”

“United Nations security personnel detain Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan after he protested against Iranian dictator Ebrahim Raisi. Erdan denounces that he is detained while Raisi, accused of human rights violations and known as “the butcher of Tehran”, is allowed to speak freely,” VOX news reported.



Israel said its ambassador to the United Nations was briefly detained by security personnel outside the General Assembly Hall after staging a one-man protest of Iran’s president, who spoke in the chamber on Tuesday. Ambassador Gilad Erdan shared a video clip of himself holding up an image of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old woman who died in the custody of Iran’s morality police almost exactly a year ago, as he approached President Ebrahim Raisi.

A caption across the image read: “Iranian women deserve freedom now!” Footage shared by Newsmax showed security officers physically escorting Erdan out of the chamber shortly after. The Jewish News Service, citing the Israeli delegation, reported that Erdan was “temporarily detained” but “released with the assistance of Israel’s security and diplomatic teams.”

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