[WAR ROOM DIGEST] Big Business and Xi Conspiring to Destroy Populist Nationalist Movement, J6 Hits BloodSteam Hard

Communist Xi Jinping met with CA Governor Gavin Newsome and Democrat Joe Biden last week on US soil. At the same time, the elite was hob-knobbing, and business leaders were very excited about being dignitaries with the leader of the Chinese Communist Party.

At the lower level of American society, socialist members of the Democrat Party were having violent protests at the DNC Party Headquarters to protest Democrat Joe Biden. The media spent the week trying to convince the public that being business partners with the brutal and murderous Communists was a good idea and that President Trump and his supporters were the most significant threat they all faced from realizing their utopia.

Events in the public eye were the final stages of the Cultural Marxist -Communist Revolution right out in the open for everyone to see being played out, which is all happening at the same the American people are seeing the shocking footage of Jan. 6th at the US Capitol for the first time, exposing the out of control government who appear to have orchestrated the whole mess to make President Trump ineligible to run for office again.

This is why, at the same time this week, President Trump was in court in Colorado- facing a refusal to allow his campaign on the Ballot in 2024.

And the MAGA movement is being called the worst problem on the planet- however, the War Room has a plan to save the Republic.

The War Room is organizing a multipronged plan and attack. War Room has an AP, a Book, and a Battle Plan; Bill Blaster, Government Gangsters, and Project 25. Keep reading.

All that is needed is for brave Americans to get the game plan and hit the resources,and pick up the tools to understand where to put their political capital. A lot is going on.

Saturday’s show included a powerful interview with Kash Patel, author of Government Gangsters, who talked about the release of the J6 Footage, which happened just first by the new Speaker of the House, so read to the end for Kash Patel: “The January 6th Truth Has Entered The American Bloodstream”.

After reading this whole article and hitting the links- come back to this and look at it- it will make much more sense about what is unfolding.

MAGA is not giving up.

Watch BIG HIGHLIGHTS for hot points and links for fuller shows.

Look for Action Tools and Resources.

Let’s get started:

Big Business And Dictator Xi Are Conspiring To Destroy The Populist Nationalist Movement Forever

Steve Bannon spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday deconstructing the events and players of the coalition to destroy the Populist movement, for a bird’s eye view of the battleground the MAGA movement is being drawn into. He gave his audience action items to use, like tools to dismantle the Marxist Utopia and rebuild our American Republic.

“One side is going to win,” Bannon always says- and Bannon is obviously calling for that side to be MAGA.

It is almost as if we can hear him say the words: General Quarters this week, because the Communists got past the gate and they are at the Democrat’s cocktail parties.

DO YOU KNOW: General quarters An announcement made aboard?

General quarters, battle stations, or action stations are announcements made aboard a naval warship to signal that all hands aboard a ship must go to battle stations as quickly as possible. 

Are you ready for this battle?

ACTION TOOL: The War Room viewers are with their newest powerful organizing tool: BILL BLASTER AP– it’s free. Get it.

The following content is fan-generated from Real America’s Voice show: Bannon’s War Room, with host Steve Bannon.

Episode 3180: The Business Community Applauds Xi In The Bay Area and Episode 3181: Internal Rebellion In Ukraine

Thursday’s First Hour and Second Hour

Bannon talked about how DC is openly promoting the Chinese Communist Party and using the media, pushing an agenda to shape public opinion that the world’s leading dictator in the United States was visiting to talk about a friendly relationship in a new world order with the CCP ahead of it.

Opening footage of Nikki Haley and XI ironically parroting each other and morning Joe talking about China and fears of Xi that are unfounded, saying that he wants USA and Xi to be re-building a “relationship”. Bannon called her a “neoCon”.


AXIOS STORY ABOUT NIKKI HALEY shows the Business Class trying to stop the Populist-Nationalist movement.

CLIP OF BIDEN calling Xi a ‘Dictator”.


XI- People’s War

Control of the Internet, and use of Tik Tok to build hatred for Israel

Financial Times article about Nikki.

Bratt Graphic will be focused on another show [1:06:00]


Col. Derek Harvey

Brian Costello

Mike Davis

Bishop Strickland

Julie Kelly

Kash Patel




400 BUSINESS LEADERS who attended the DC Dinner for Xi.

Thursday 11/16-Saturday11/18 in the War Room:

[10:00] “The nonsense coming out of C is more than appeasement- it is elite capture and what Jack Psobeic calls elite merger.

Steve talked about Tuesday’s events, which he summarized as reaffirming the One China agenda as “DC salivated to be close to the CCP”.

[22:00] Bannon talked about how the Xi-standing ovation by the 400 business leaders showed that the CCP is inside the gate, and that is proof of the group’s allegiance to Communism.

“The Chinese Communist Party is our enemy and the Chinese people are our allies,” Bannon told his audience.

Bannon talked about the criminality of the CCP and how the Chinese people have suffered, and how our politicians – focused on their business pursuits-have betrayed the people of the world to help build their own business pursuits.

“Lets have an adult conversation,” Bannon said, crushing Elon Musk, the owner of X, for misdirection plays about what was happening in DC.

[27:00] Bannon talked about a flashback that was important to understand- he talked about the contract between two important speeches tht happened during President Trump’s administration:

FIRST SPEECH: When XI he went to Davos and he talked about a world without a border with CCP as the railhead of a system of networks and not countries, in the One Belt, One World globalist movement.

SECOND SPEECH: Trump gave the American carnage speech at Davos, talking about elites selling out the US and the managed decline of the US, “but now we are in a free fall,” Bannon said.

MONEY QUOTE: “Just let me repeat,” Bannon said- “the 400 most prominent business leaders gave the most murderous dictator since Mao Sa Tung a standing ovation. They are the enemy- and they are all gathering around Nikki Haley,” Bannon said.

The Financial Times article linked talks about that very situation.

[33:00] Nikki’s Popularity is building with Fox News and growing support from business leaders. “Their plan is not to beat Trump, but have Nikki hanging around the rim and being the imbed for the donor class.”

[37:00] GUEST Col. Derck Harvey talked about how XI got a standing ovation after his actions, “Xi is one of the awful people on earth and they are a cancer,” Bannon said.

“They are empty vessels and have no morals. They make excuses for China, and they are undermining our national security,” Harvey said.

“This is who was amplifying CCP messages to tear down American values- and they should be blacklasted,” Harvey answered.

Bannon asked: “So why are we not pushing forward on these investigations? You ran the house Intel agency with Mike Turner, the uni party elite to expunge practical recommendations on China in OCT of 2020. “

Harvey answered: “They don’t want to fight for the American workers, they represent the CCP, and we have a problem in our leadership. “

The two talked about the information War- the Jihad against the West and US was backed by CCP, and how the popular ap-TikTok- is weaponized and used to spread propaganda.

[43:00] GUEST Brian Costello talked about investment in TikTok, who funds it, and the power of pushing adversarial viral content.

“Xi has given the elite investment opportunities and that is why they support him,” Costello said.

[50:00] Compilation of TikTok videos- promoting the Letter of Osama Bid Laden and the Koran.

Harvey talked about the misinformation that people are being taught by social media before the election.

“We need to support the people who will go against the people with the money, and not be afraid of that,” Bannon said, talking about the battlelines ahead, showing who is aligned with the Communist party.

[56:00] Bannon talked about how CCP pushing misinformation and how they used an algorithm to push Osama Bid Laden’s letter.

(End of First Hour- Beginning of Second Hour)

[1:02:00] Bannon talked about why this establishment is going against Trump and why they are trying to get someone like Nikk Haley in, creating an axis to weaken Trump.

SIGNAL: AXIOS STORY (Linked above)- this is the wrangler of all these business leaders who do not want America First and confrontation with the CCP.

[1:04:00] QUEST Dave Bratt talked about a graphic that shows America is defaulting on debt with all the money for government spending.


[1:11:00] More discussion on debt with Bannon.

“Mr. Johnson needs to start reviving the American Animal Spirits and revitalize the American soul,” Dave Bratt said about how to fix the problems he sees in the graphs.

“You have to be the adults in the room and you will get called every name in the book over these cuts,” Bannon said.

“It is a Biblical worldview versus the Pagans and Aethits,” Bannon said, citing the Financial Times article.

[1:27:00] QUEST Ben Harnwell talked about articles regarding the Pope and why that was important to understand.

[1:35:00] Bannon Talked about the CCP chokehold on the supply chain, especially medicine, to force people to be dependent on the government.

EPIC BANNON UKRAINE SOFT RANT: ” We need to have no more money for Ukraine, in fact we want our money back.”

Harnwell talked about the Financial Times article linked above.

“We need to tell Ukraine we want our money back,” Bannon repeated.

[1:42:00] QUEST Mike Lindell, a judge, ruled that a person asking about machines is not a conspiracy theorist- but the media is still under full attack.

[1:52:00] CO-HOST Natalie talked about her article exposing the committee on COVID for floating a weak story that had already been covered.


Episode 3182: The Push To Dismantle US Energy and Episode 3183: Economist Deems MAGA As The Biggest Threat In 24

First Hour and Second Hour

SIGNAL: Resources ECONOMIST article naming Trump and his followers as biggest threat.

RESOURCE AND ACTION TOOL: Bannon talked about PROJECT 25 -“they know you are the vanguard who can deliver the hammer,” Bannon said, about the plan to place well-trained supporters of President Trump in the administration.

The opening segment was Morning Joe hosts and guest talking about Christian Nationalism and denouncing Christians who support President Trump, as they espoused their ‘superior understanding’ of Christianity.

“There is no victory without struggle. You need to understand their framing,” Bannon said and talked about the uni party- what he called the “Meta Narrative”- which is trying to crush the Christian Nationalists.

Traditional Catholics and Evangelical Christians are going to be targeted, and they have targeted Speaker Johnson.

They are going to push a narrative that Jesus is woke. Their fear is Project 25, which is what Heritage is working on for policy and personnel, with 3,000 people who are already trained to be put into the Trump administration.

[10:00] Excellent Bannon narrative about the movement behind President Trump. Bannon talked about the Economist article that calls out Trump and his supporters as the biggest threat, linked above in Resources.

[18:00] Soft Bannon rant about the radical transformation of the United States

[36:00] GUEST Mike Davis. Bannon played an extended clip from MSNBC, trashing Davis for covering the 14th amendment trial with Trump, where people are trying to get him taken off the 2024 ballot.

[41:00] Davis said”We troll them about me being the acting attorney general and make them blow a gasket,” Davis said, taunting MSNBC. Battling Lawfare and it has backfired, Trump was winning so they are trying to push him back on the business.”

Trump will be getting disqualified from the ballots, Davis said, “because that is all they have left.”

[47:00]Bannon called his audience the “Army of the Awakened” , saying they are a vanguard that can deliver the hammer to their dreams of ultimate power.”

[51:00] Bannon added, “which is scary to the 400 business leaders who cow towed to CCP this week”

[55:00] “We need tough Americans to put America First in these coming hard battles,” Bannon said.

Bannon said a main focus for the administration would be to close the border.


End of first Hour

Mike Davis came back on talking about earned media, saying, “we have the backbone and the will to fight back.”

[1:09:00] Talk about Hunter Biden’s legal trouble.

[1:19:00] Bannon talked about the CCP and why the dinner party was important to see, “they are always worried about legitimacy because they know they can be overthrown,” Bannon said about the increasing attacks on MAGA this week at the same time as the CCP appearances in the US.

“This time we are ready and understand the leverage points and how to deconstruct the admin state. We have Mike Davis and people who are tough,” Bannon said about the battle plans for the next few years, reminding people that the opposition to the CCP is well organized.

“They fear us in the War Room. We need those kinds of fighters in Congress, Bannon said.

[1:29:00] Bannon talked about the complete collapse of New York into a Marxist Hellhole- Pulling back from the Abyss.


Steve Bannon: Donald Trump Is The Biggest Threat To Elites Because The Power You Give Him


Episode 3186: Meltdown Over The 14th and Episode 3187: What Is Truth

First Hour and Second Hour

Bannon wondered if the media saw the War Room as the nerve center for the Trump MAGA “insurgency”?

[08:00] GUEST Julie Kelly talked about the footage from January 6th. “This is a victory because all the right people are melting down,”Kelly said, adding: another victory for putting pressure on lawmakers- and now focus needs to be on having a real Jan. 6th commission. This is a huge issue to the base, and Republican lawmakers are noting.” Kelly talked about digging out records on Jan. 6th, including video interviews of Capitol Police. She wants 4 Capitol Police Officers who lied under oath to promote longer prison sentences for political prisoners.

[18:00] “We need to get to the bottom of January 6th and the 2020 election still,” Bannon said and called for a ranking member of the Democrat Party to be brought in to have a real Congressional hearing. Bannon said he wants the Speaker to establish the process.

[ 24:00] GUEST Mike Davis Talked about the hearing in Col to remove Trump off of the ballot in 2024, and added that Judge Bannon talked about how MAGA could use the tactics that the judge used on Trump, on the Biden family.

[ 35:00] “Rhetoric against MAGA is past danger. They hate that they see the rising tide of Populism,” Bannon said. We want to free the American people from the Deep State. Tasks and purpose [ 35:00] We are going to use the rules against them.

[38:00] GUEST Davis came back on and talked about how there was a bit of a tactical retreat by the judge in the Trump case- allowing Democrats to take the attempt to another court, so it is not over.

[40:00]GUEST Jeff Clark talked about how the judge let the Jan 6th Committee report into the record.

[50:00] GUEST Kash Patel, author of Government Gangsters- wants people to put out the transcript of his testimony- “it’s our job to get this out,” Patel said. Telling people to read Chapter 18th and the timelines in the book Government Gangsters.


[1:05:00] Guest Bishop Strickland

[1:45:00] Harnwell talked about the Pope

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