Who’s Trespassing? Illegals Prioritized by Ramada Inn and Other US Hotels [VIDEO]

Activist reporter Heather Mullins investigated a situation that was concerning to her and illustrate the general unease many people have with the idea of a massive influx of migrants coming into the country unvetted with unclear motives- that being that they are in danger and at the very least they are going to be marginalized by the government- in favor of migrants.

And they are.

Numerous stories are blazing the headlines that Americans are getting displaced from hotels to make room for illegal aliens, and it is making people frustrated.

The New York Post reported on a story a week ago, and since then, there have been more stories of more Americans feeling the impact of the migrant crisis.

In Newburgh, New York- Mullins uncovered that a Ramada Inn was housing illegal aliens. When she asked about the organization that was in the lobby working to expedite them, she was threatened with legal action and called a trespasser.

Mullins explained the situation:

And showed law enforcement’s response:

The hotel opened Friday as a combined humanitarian center as well as lodging.

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